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Gui G, Tsang F (2019) Meshed enhanced hammock’ or ‘tent’: a new patient centred pre-pectoral one-stage immediate breast reconstruction technique for varying ptosis (The Annals of Plastic and  Reconstructive Surgery)   

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Dr Fiona Tsang-Wright and Mr Gerald Gui, Consultant Breast Surgeons


International and National Poster Presentations

Acellular dermal matrices as an adjunct to implant breast reconstruction: an evaluation of 

outcomes and complications (2019) American Society of Breast Surgery (Dallas, USA)

Tasoulis MK, Teoh V, Khan A,  Agusti A, Tsang F, Mohammed K, Montgomery C, Gui G

Adequacy of post-operative analgesia following day case breast surgery: an audit. Association of  Breast Surgery (2019) (UK) Mahon-Daly F, Tsang F

Near-peer teaching: a cost-effective method to augment consultant-led teaching (2019) 

NACT  (Manchester, UK) Denning, M Awan M, Low ZY, Tsang F.  

The impact of neoadjuvant chemotherapy on re-excision rates after breast conserving surgery (2018) Association of Breast Surgery Conference (Manchester, UK)

Tasoulis MK, Tsang F, Padmanabhan P, Irakleidis F, Micha A, Pepe A, Edmonds  R, Rusby J, MacNeill F 

The use and compliance of thromboembolism proforma in general surgery in a district general hospital. (2017) ASGBI Leptidis I, Tsang F, Pandey V, Bointas G, Livingstone 

Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome and Carcinoma of the breast – call for new breast imaging surveillance guidelines. (2013) BSBR Annual Meeting  Tsang F,   Mallappa S, The W, Clark SK (2013) 

Outcome of Saphenous Vein Bypass Grafts for Intra-abdominal Vascular Reconstructions. (2008)  European Society of Vascular Surgeons 22nd Annual Meeting (Nice, France)

Rudardkanchana N, Tsang F, Tsui J, Hamilton G 

Usefulness of a detailed proforma in the prophylaxis of venous thromboembolic disease in a London teaching hospital. (2005) American Venous Forum 17th Annual Meeting (San Diego)

Tsang F, Davies AH

Results of Arterio-Venous Fistula Formation are Comparable in Non-Caucasian and Caucasian Patients. (2005)Vascular Access Society 4th International Congress (Berlin, Germany)

Tsang F,  Tay A, Dhanoa S, Gordon E, Davies AH, Choi P, Parsons DS, Frankel AH)

Patient Ethnicity Does Not Influence the Outcome of Surgery for First Native Arterio-Venous Fistulae (2005) American Society of Nephrology’s 38thAnnual Meeting and Scientific Exposition Renal Week (Philadelphia, USA) Tay A, Tsang F, Dhanoa S, Gordon E, Davies AH, Choi P

Results of Arterio-Venous Fistula Formation are Comparable in Indo-Asians and Caucasian Patients. (2005) Renal Association / British Transplantation Society Joint Congress and Annual Meeting (Belfast, Ireland) Tay A, Tsang F, Dhanoa S, Gordon E, Davies AH, Choi P, Parsons DS, Frankel AH 

Dr Fiona Tsang-Wright, Consultant Surgeon, at the American Venous Forum

Reviews and Chapters

Reviews and Chapters


Soobrah R, Tsang F, Grassi V, Hirji H, Mallappa S, Reichert R. (2015)

Synchronous Orbital and Gastrointestinal Metastases from Breast Cancer: A Case Report and Review of Literature," Case Reports in Oncological Medicine, vol. 2015, Article ID 282790 

Tsang F,  Davis M, Davies AH (2005) Review: Incomplete saphenopopliteal junction ligation after short saphenous vein surgery: A summation analysis.    Phlebology 20; 3: 106 – 109

Davis M, Tsang F, Davies AH (2006) Review: Health Economics and Quality      of Life – Impact of Venous Disorders. Diseases of the Veins and Lymphatics (2006). Chapter 5 (pp 55-61). Ed: Labroupoulos and Stansby. 

Dr Fiona Tsang-Wright, Consultant Breast Surgeon, believes that shared decision making with the patient results in the best outcomes.

Medical Education

Medical Examiner

 Fiona is dedicated to medical education:

  • Representative on the London General Surgery Pan-Thames Specialist Training Committee providing the link between trainers and trainees, 
  • Wrote and introduced a two-year teaching programme for trainees sitting the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons, 
  • Organised networking and mentoring events, 
  • Mentor at University College London Women in Surgery Conference.
  • A near-peer reaching advocate with a recent poster at the National Association of Clinical tutors.  

Dr Fiona Tsang-Wright, Consultant Surgeon presenting a poster on near-peer teaching 2019

Surgical Examiner

Surgical Examiner

 Fiona is a panel member for the London Core Surgical Training interviews and the Surgical In Training exams, an examiner of medical school finals at Imperial College London, and an examiner and speaker at the Royal Society Medicine for Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons courses.  

Dr Fiona Tsang-Wright, Consultant Surgeon and Surgical Examiner for London core surgical trainees